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Welcome to

Programmes to feed the mind and body. We take people from unravelled to thriving.

We do what nobody else is doing. We help our participants retake ownership of their lives. We use food as a catalyst. We help them find their path, rewrite their story and stand again on their own two feet, and to return to work.

Welcome to FreshLife

Beyond Food’s flagship programme, inspiring adults.

FreshLife is tailor-made

Whatever challenges you've faced - trauma, addiction, poor mental health, incarceration, or simply feeling excluded, we’re here for you. We believe in second and third chances for everyone.

FreshLife is a three-week experience

We harness the power of food to inspire and transform. Our unique approach combines skilled facilitators, inspirational experiences, and powerful training, in one life-changing program.

FreshLife, is practical, skills-based training

You’ll master chef skills & life skills. You’ll bake bread, fry mackerel, create risotto, and a pancetta Bolognese. It’s more than food, FreshLife empowers you with tools & self-awareness, to take care of yourself, and be able to support others.

FreshLife will help you go beyond your current reality

It will help you to become and remain employable. You’ll have the opportunity of work experience in Brigade, our social enterprise restaurant. Together, we'll break through barriers, empowering you to take control of your life.

Join us on FreshLife

Unleash your potential and redefine your future. Beyond Food: because food restores us all.

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